This page explains what AMOSS is and the purpose of this site.

AMOSS is the Association of Manchester Open Space Societies

Updated 19.6.2016:

AMOSS is an network of groups working to protect open spaces in Manchester and will act as an independent voice for parks and public green spaces in Manchester. It was set up in 2011 and has been meeting regularly since then.

Membership is open to “any group whose aims include the long term sustainability of a specific area as public open space within the boundary of the City of Manchester”. Most of the current members are Friends of Parks groups. See here for a list of members. Any person who is involved in a member group can attend AMOSS meetings.

The remit of AMOSS is as follows:

  • Promoting the value of parks and public green spaces to local people and to the Council
  • Good Communication
  • Sharing of common issues
  • Links with other organisations
  • Sharing ideas and strengths
  • Appreciating the ideals of association
  • Lobbying locally and nationally
  • Maintaining a long term vision for parks and green spaces across  the city

The purpose of this site is primarily to facilitate communication between the member groups.

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