Dogs in Parks

Dog walkers are an important section of the public who use parks and open spaces. They generally enhance the safety of all members of the public who use parks. They are regular users of specific spaces and they know their area well. They also know other dog walkers and are an effective network of information about the park and what is happening in it. If there are problems in a locality they often know about it and can help solve them through communicating with each other, with other members of the public, with the local Friends group and with the authorities.

There are a number of things that AMOSS member groups might like to know about. The following information is mainly from the council website:

Dog control orders

In the majority of Manchester ‘s parks, most areas are available for dogs to be walked on or off the lead. When a dog is off the lead, the walker must make sure it is under control, and does not frighten or alarm people or other animals.

A maximum of 4 dogs can be walked at any one time by a single person.

Certain council officers are authorised to require a dog to be put on a lead. This applies across the city. However there are not many such officers likely to be around to make this an effective remedy for dogs that are out of control.

Areas where dogs are not allowed

Most parks and Open Spaces have areas where dogs are not allowed.

Details can be found here

Areas where dogs must be kept on a lead

In certain designated areas i.e. small parks and ornamental gardens dogs must be kept on a lead, this also applies to all roads, pavements and footpaths (including gated alleyways). It also applies to the grounds of all places of public religious worship, irrespective of the religious denomination.

List of areas where dogs must be kept on a lead:

  • Ardwick Green Park , M12 – all areas
  • Bellott St Park , M8 – all areas
  • Boggart Hole Clough, Charlestown Rd , M9 – boating lake and fishing pond
  • Broadhurst Park , St Mary’s Rd , M40 – picnic area
  • Fletcher Moss Gardens , Wilmslow Rd , M20 – picnic gardens
  • Goldstone Gardens , Cheetham Hill Rd , M8 – all areas
  • Heaton Park , M25 2SW – western pleasure ground & formal gardens
  • Marie Louise Gardens , Palatine Rd , M20 – all areas
  • Parsonage Gardens , St Mary’s, Parsonage, M1 – all areas
  • Sackville St Gardens , M1 – all areas
  • Old Parsonage Gardens , Wilmslow Rd , M20 – all areas
  • St Johns Gardens , Lower Byrom St , M3 – all areas
  • St Wilfrids Park, Chevaussut St , M15 – all areas
  • Whitworth Park , Moss Lane East , M14 – all areas (suspended until designated dog walking area is created)

Map showing parks with designated dog walking areas:

Dog walking areas in Manchester;

Dogs that are dangerous or vicious

Dangerous dogs

A dangerous dog is one that has already attacked, or puts a person in genuine fear for their safety, or the safety of others.

Vicious dogs

It can be hard to define a vicious dog, as it may simply be scared or hungry, or feels under threat.

What you can do

If a dog has bitten somebody, attacked another dog or seems likely to attack, you should report it immediately to the Police on 101 (new non emergency number). The police have told one AMOSS member group that they normally inform the council Dog Warden service of such reports so that information can be passed on to local staff and groups so they can be aware of any possible future risk.

They will need to know or find out who owns the dog that is believed to be dangerous before they can take action.

If you’re unsure about whether a dog is dangerous or vicious, please report it anyway.

What can the council do

Any dog that’s unsupervised in a public place may be seized by the council Dog Service.

If the dog has a tag with contact details, or is microchipped, they will try to contact the owner. If the dog can’t be taken straight home it will be taken to Manchester Dogs’ Home.

Lost or missing dogs

There are some useful tips and contacts here for people who have lost their dog.

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