Nature in Manchester’s Open Spaces

One of the concerns of a lot of people who care about Manchester’s Open Spaces is ensuring that wildlife (biodiversity) is protected and increased.

In some of our AMOSS member groups we are lucky to have some people with a lot of expertise in these matters. Some have offered to help other groups with advice and information.

Dave Bishop has agreed to advise on managing a particular site for wildlife and for conducting wild plant surveys. He can be contacted at

Phil Hackett has agreed to advise on Environmental and Ecological matters for AMOSS. He has wide knowledge on matters such as

  • Planning Issues

  • Conservation

  • Trees

  • Birds

  • Freshwater habitats, including fishery management

Phil can be contacted on 0161 682 5894

There is further information about other sources of information on our “Useful links and contacts page” including bats

There will also be some related pages added here about various biodiversity issues of concern to Open Space group members. So far we have:

Maximising Biodiversity in Greater Manchester: Obstacles and Opportunities

A report on Greater Manchester’s biodiversity written by a member of an AMOSS member group with the hope that AMOSS members will read it and view it as an attempt to increase the Association’s understanding of our local green spaces and their wildlife. He also hopes that members will view it as a call to action.

Chalara fraxinea – threat to Ash trees

A collection of information about the latest threat to our native trees, including how to identify affceted trees and submit  reports

Manchester Region Biodiversity Crisis

An article written by a member of an AMOSS member group

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