Council info

This page has information from and/or about Manchester City Council which may be of interest to Open Space groups.

Manchester Parks Strategy

Update 11.7.2016:

A couple more documents are now available:

The existing Parks Strategy:
Parks for All Seasons (.pdf 295MB)

and a slide show presentation used at a consultation workshop in May 2016 on the proposed new Parks Strategy:
Parks Strategy Consultation Workshops (.pdf 2.9MB)

The council are currently working on the final version of the strategy based on submissions, workshops and all the on-line and off-line feedback so the slideshow will only reflect a point in time  when they went out to consult and not where they are now and will be by the Autumn based on all the high quality feedback and ideas.

Update 27.6.2016:

On 23rd February 2016 a report went to the council’s  Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee setting out “the background, the analysis of the existing approach and the framework for a revised parks Strategy”. This is an “emerging” strategy. i.e: it is currently being developed. The following link enables you to download this report

Update On Parks Strategy

Map Showing Parks

The following link enables you to download a very detailed map showing 134 parks in Manchester

Parks with area boundaries

Update 2.7.2016:

The area boundaries have since been changed, but the names and locations of parks will be the same so the map is still useful and you can find out which ward a park is in if you compare with this map of wards (new link). Clicking on the each ward on the map will identify the names of the wards. When you have identified the name of the ward , click on the ward in question in the list at the side to view a detailed map of the ward showing the green spaces and parks in it.

Update 27.6.2016:

The information was correct as of December 2010. The council now says there are (February 2016) 143 parks and open spaces in Manchester


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