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Insurance for Open Space groups

Added: 5/1/2016
It is up to individual groups to decide whether they want to take out insurance. There are pros and cons, which have been discussed at AMOSS meetings. The following information links are provided by member groups of AMOSS.
You have to be affiliated with the RHS (currently £33 per year) and also it is important to point out that the policies always run from February one year to January the next.
Current (5.1.2016) discounted premiums are :
Cover Type                Amount   Annual Premium (incl. tax)

Employers’ &             £  5m              £ 70
Public Liability           £10m              £ 86

Sheds, Equipment,   £ 5,000           £ 65

Cups and Trophies    £10,000          £ 95

                                       £25,000         £125
The Conservation Volunteers (formerly BTCV – British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)
Again you have to join to get the insurance. This costs £38 per year (as of 5.1.2016) and gives you access to insurance, a useful Welcome Pack containing The Conservation Volunteers publications, regular funding information, training and tools discounts and much more.
Current discounted premium rates not available online

Manchester Parks and Open Spaces This site has both current and historical images and information about some of Manchester’s Parks and Public squares.

Added: 28/12/2014, Updated: 24/12/15

The parks covered (with links) are below. The ones in green have groups who are members of AMOSS:

5. Heaton Park
6. Parsonage Gardens (Friends of Fletcher Moss Park and Parsonage Gardens)
7. Platt Fields
8. Queen’s Park
9. St. John’s Gardens

10. Whitworth Park

Also available is: Gartside Gardens

North West Parks Friends Forum (Facebook page)

Added: 5/1/2016

The North West Parks Friends Forum was created in 2012 to bring the North West Park Friends’ groups together so they can help and support each other.

National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces

The NFPGS is the umbrella organisation for the local Friends of Parks Forums and Networks throughout the UK. The Friends Groups movement currently involves over 5,000 local groups, and there are around 45 area Forums.

Christine Hession is the North West representative and also the Secretary for the NFPGS. Manchester groups can contact Christine for information or advice at

So if you live in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, The Wirral, Cheshire, Cumbria or Lancashire contact Christine for information or advice.

Policy Documents

Added: 30/12/2013

You can download three policy documents (Forward Planning: Objectives, Forward Planning: Action Plan, and Regional Structure) from NFPGS by clicking here (.pdf 113 KB)

We also have details of their Green Flag standards campaign here

You’re not alone!
by Dave Morris – Campaigns Officer, National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces 12/12/2013

Friends and community groups who care about green spaces are getting together to support each other and set up their own Forums all over the UK. None of us are alone, not by a long chalk!  In fact there are over 5,000 Friends groups around the UK, and many have already formed local Forums in various towns and areas to support one another. If we link up we can be a force to be reckoned with on behalf of the UK’s green spaces.

As we all know, local Friends Groups are set up by green space users and local residents to promote, protect and improve a local green space – in essence to ‘take ownership’ of the space on behalf of local communities and park users. Friends Groups are responsible for a wide range of highly positive achievements, including organising events, running projects, increasing public awareness, working closely with staff, developing visions and plans, accessing resources & funding etc.

By groups working together in a local area we can exchange news and views, support each other, identify best practice, and lobby together for the kind of policies, resources and management needed for all our green spaces.

We need to work in partnership with those who manage green spaces, whilst recognising there are serious long-term issues that we need to address together. We don’t want the country’s green spaces to return to the scandalous neglect and dereliction that afflicted most of them after the massive cuts to public services in the 1970s and 80s. Most Friends Groups were set up in the last 15 years precisely to address those problems!  The recovery is nowhere near complete and fresh Government cuts have thrown the gears into reverse. Many spaces don’t even have a Friends Group yet so are likely to be in a particularly vulnerable state.

The many local Forums and networks are linked together through the National Federation of Parks & Green Spaces. It feels that our grass-roots (literally!) movement is growing and evolving into something very significant.

We want to see a Friends Group for every urban green space, a Forum for every area, and adequate resources and a statutory duty on all Councils & landowners to protect and manage all their spaces to Green Flag standards.

Let’s get together locally and nationally to support each other and to stand up for green spaces!

News Bulletin Autumn 2013

Bats and the Law (information from the Bat Conservation Trust, who also have lots of other information about bats)

Added: 20/11/2014

It is a criminal offence to:

  1. Deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat
  2. Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats
  3. Damage or destroy a bat roosting place (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time)
  4. Possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat
  5. Intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost

Please refer to the legislation for the precise wording – the above is a brief summary only.

What should you do if you know of a roost or habitat that is under threat from development? Very detailed advice here


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