Glyphosate is becoming a hot issue in Manchester parks. Following a serious incident in an AMOSS member park, we are planning to take up the issue with Manchester City Council.


                           Chemical structure of glyphosate

Detailed information about glyphosate in Wikipedia here

Image result for glyphosate avaaz23.2.2018: Monsanto is demanding Avaaz hands over all of its campaign data

Posted 24.2.2018:

The Guardian website reports that a subpoena in the US courts could see the Avaaz campaign group forced to release huge amounts of internal communications including the email addresses of four million people who have signed online petitions

April 2016: European Parliament say Glyphosate should not be used in parks

Posted 24.2.2018:

An article dated 3 April 2016, on the “Horticulture Week” website reported that the European parliament called for “a ban on all uses of glyphosate-based herbicides in private and public green areas, including spraying in and around public parks, playgrounds and gardens”.

38 Degrees Petition on use of Glyphosate in Manchester Parks

Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Manchester
Results of Gyphosate use in Birchfields Park                        

Stephen Pennells has started a petition on 38 Degrees

To: Manchester City Council

“Please ban the spraying of Monsanto’s Roundup and other glyphosate herbicides on our streets and parks.”

As usual there are many arguments on the internet for and against the claim that glyphosate may cause cancer in humans, so make your mind up for yourself. There are also other reasons apart from the possible health risk to humans why you might be opposed to the use of glyphosate.

View the petition here